While you come across the weight loss tips that ensure you faster results every now and then, very few of those fast weight loss tricks actually work. The ones which work often leave you hungry, irritated and tired.

Dieting is one of the best ways to lose weight, as you stop supplying calories to your body and let it use the stored fat for energy. However, it takes a long time and the sustainable weight loss is not an overnight game. Moreover, most of the people give up dieting and succumb to the extreme hunger.

So, isn’t there a way to lose weight that does not keep you hungry, helps you to go through a natural weight loss process and yet delivers outstanding results.

Yes, there are some effective weight loss tips which actually work and lead you through your weight loss journey without affecting your health.

Eat your breakfast

If you are wondering that your aim is to lose weight, but you are being asked to eat the breakfast, then don’t worry. 

There is a scientific reason behind eating the breakfast. If you skip the breakfast, your body assumes that you are fasting and thus, slows down the metabolism and enhances the insulin response.

As a result, you start burning lesser calories and whatever you eat next spikes your blood sugar, which is why you start feeling hungry short after. Consequently, instead of losing weight, you start gaining it.

Consuming green smoothies

This is one of the best ways of losing the excess weight. All you need to do is two to three smoothie recipes including fruits, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, or lettuce, and combine them with the Greek yogurt, water, coconut water or coconut milk depending on the requirement of the recipe.

These smoothies are a perfect way to start your day and give your body an ideal dose of protein, fiber, and water. Moreover, these low-calorie smoothies packed with metabolism enhancing elements will work wonders to support your weight loss journey.

Here are several recipes available on the internet, you just have to find out the one that ideally matches your taste.

Lemon Water

Well, many people wonder that is it possible to lose weight without sacrificing your food. But it really is.

The lemon water is another way to burn the fat stored in the body and start losing inches within a week.

Prepare a lemon water solution by soaking the slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, ginger and some mint leaves in about two – three liters of water overnight. Consume this water over the next day.

This will not only help you start burning your body’s fat, but will also flush out toxins in the body. This is one of the best ways to fasten up the weight loss and thus, is worth trying.

Cut down your sugar consumption

Sugar and starches which we consume with our food and snacks are among the biggest culprits behind your weight gain. Sugar and starch rich food items stimulate the secretion of insulin, which is the primary fat storage hormone in our body.

As the insulin levels in the body go down, it becomes easier to burn the stored fat. During the low insulin levels, your body starts using the stored fat for energy instead of deriving energy from the carbohydrates. Also, the lowered insulin levels make your kidneys shed the excess water and sodium from the body, and thus, you get rid of the excessive bloat that makes you look fat.

So, once you cut down your sugar and starch (present in the carbohydrate-rich food), you instantly start losing weight.

Eat a diet rich in fiber and protein

Even if you don’t indulge in any dieting programs or exercise regimes, and simply replace all the other elements in your diet with protein and fiber-rich vegetables & fruits, you will start losing weight.

When you eat a protein rich diet, your body starts secreting lesser amount of insulin, and your metabolism increases by about 80 – 100 calories per day.

Moreover, the fiber rich vegetables and fruits are very low in calories, but make you feel full. Thus, you end up consuming a lesser number of calories.

The simplest way to lose weight is by consuming lesser calories and burning more, and your protein & fiber rich diet enable you to do this easily.

Exercising regularly

This is one of the most basic fat loss tricks, but, many people believe that it takes very long to lose weight by exercising.

One of the biggest reasons behind this misconception is that we don’t combine our exercise with the right diet, and as a result, the calories which you lose during the exercising are gained back from the food that you eat.

Consequently, there is no weight loss. But, if you eat a diet rich in proteins and fiber, and start avoiding the consumption of sugar and starches, your exercise regimes will start giving you unparalleled results.

Combine cardiovascular exercises with the strength training to burn more calories and increase your metabolism rate, so that you keep on burning the calories even after your exercise session is over.

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The aforementioned tips for weight loss at home are tried, tested and let you eat until you feel full yet lose that stubborn fat. These slimming tips for tummy and the rest of the body will help you get back in shape very quickly, develop strong muscles and strengthen your immune system.

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