If you have just started out with makeup, you might find it very difficult to understand that how to use all the brushes and other stuff, and how to get the professional “parlour or saloon” type look? If you are facing these problems, you can take help from the beginner makeup tips & tricks and learn how to do it the right way.

The basic makeup tips and tricks are an amazing way to begin your journey with makeup. In the beginning, the world of makeup can be quite overwhelming, and it’s natural to make mistakes.

Whether you want to look good at your prom or want to flaunt a more pulled-together look at work, or simply want your daughter to look her best with some makeup, these tips can certainly help you go a long way on your makeup learning journey. Even if you are a pro at the makeup, these tricks and hacks can come prove very useful to you.

Skin Care Before The Makeup

Before we get started with the makeup tips and tricks, it’s important to understand that skin care is very important before and after makeup. Most of the times, we find makeup is the best solution to hide the skin woes, but, makeup can only hide them not correct them. So, first and foremost, it’s important that you take the right care of your skin.

Clear and flawless skin not only gives you the confidence to stay without makeup but also acts as a good base for makeup. Also, if you have oily skin, or are prone to acne, you must visit your dermatologist before you try any makeup on your skin.

Skin Care Regime After Makeup

Once you apply makeup, it is very important that you remove it properly at the end of the day and follow a healthy skin care regime after it. You must use a good and high-quality makeup remover to remove the makeup from the skin, eyes, and lips. After that, use an herbal or natural ingredients rich facial cleanser to clean the skin and any makeup residues left on the skin.

After cleansing the skin, it’s vital to use a toner. A toner helps in balancing the pH of the skin, taking the right care of the pores and nourishing the skin. Afterward, apply a good and hydrating moisturizer on the skin before you go to bed to wake up with nourished, supple and hydrated skin.

The cleansers and makeup removers are very important if you want to prevent the skin breakouts and eye infections due to makeup products. Also, don’t forget to apply a sunblock on the skin during the day to protect it from the damage caused by the sun.

The right diet is also very important for a healthy skin and dense hair. Thus, always include the best vitamins for healthy skin in your diet.

Best Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks

1. Know Your Complexion

The first and foremost makeup tip for the beginners is to understand that what your complexion is, so that, you can buy your makeup products as per your complexion. You must exactly know which is the perfect colour which can compliment your skin.

2. Buy A Primer

A primer is an imperative part of makeup and it helps in keeping the makeup intact for the whole day. It not only keeps your makeup in place but also helps you look fresh. However, before buying a primer, ensure that you choose a quality brand.

3. Ensure That Your Primer and Foundation Have the Same Base

Whether using water or oil based, your foundation and primer must have the same base, else, they will repel each other or simply slide off your face. Moreover, if they have different bases, they will not blend with each other, giving you a weird look.

4. Use a Finishing Spray

Sometimes, the powder based makeup products give a dry cake-face look. But, it can easily be avoided by using a finishing spray over the makeup. Not only this spray helps your makeup stay for long, but also makes your face look dewy glowing.

You can purchase a makeup spray, or can make one at home by blending spritzer, rose water and glycerine together.

5. Use A Primer On Your Eyes

Applying a primer before an eyeshadow and eyeliner can prevent them from getting smudged or fading away. Also, a primer ensures that your eyeliner and eyeshadow look brighter while giving your eyes a beautiful look.

Moreover, the primer can even help in minimizing the appearance of the crow’s feet around your eyes.

6. Get A Natural Finish With Your Foundation

Sometimes, after the application of foundation on your face, it starts looking unnatural and cakey. If you are also experiencing this, then, you can easily get rid of it with a simple trick.

Apply the foundation all over your face, and then, use a wet tissue to wipe the foundation of the cheeks. Now, when you will apply your blush on, it will blend better and will prevent your makeup from looking unnatural.

7. Hide your Dark Circles

In order to effectively hide your dark circles, and get a wide-awake look, first apply a fast-absorbing, non-greasy under eye cream or serum under your eyes. It will help the products to blend smoothly on the skin.

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Now, hide the green and purple tones of the skin using a corrector. Now apply a concealer which is one or two shades lighter than the foundation which you are going to apply on the face. Finally, use a pale yellow powder in the under eye area to prevent creasing and making your eye makeup last longer.

8. Apply Foundation With Downward Strokes To Hide the Peach Fuzz

We all have a thin layer of hair on our face, which is known as the peach fuzz. O, while applying the foundation, ensure that you use the downward strokes instead of the upward strokes. Downward strokes hide the peach fuzz.

However, if you use the upward strokes, it will the make hair strands visible, while highlighting your peach fuzz look.

9. Choose between Sheer Coverage and Full Coverage

We all want different looks for different occasions. These looks can be achieved by applying the makeup products in different ways.

For instance, if you apply your foundation with the brush, it will give your face a full coverage. But, instead of a brush, if you use your fingers, you will get sheer coverage from the foundation.

10. Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

If you have smaller eyes and want to make them look bigger, it’s time to invest in a nude eyeliner.

To give a bigger appearance to your eyes, apply a nude or white pencil on your waterline, as it will create the illusion of a bigger eye. If you have fair skin, a white eyeliner would work even better.

11. Heat Up Your Eye Lash Curler For Better Results

Use a hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler to curl your lashes easily. It not only makes curling easy but, also ensure that the lashes stay curled for long.

But, after heating the curler, let it cool down slightly so that it does not burn up your lashes.

12. Plump Up Your Lashes With Some Translucent Powder

In order to plump up your lashes, use a small brush to dust up some translucent powder between the coatings of mascara to give your lashes a plumped appearance.

The use of the translucent powder helps in gripping up the mascara while giving you fuller lashes.

13. Use a Bobby Pin To Apply Glue On Your False Lashes

The tip of a clean bobby pin is perfect to apply glue on the false eyelashes. It helps in even dispersal of the glue along the lining of the lashes.

After applying the glue, wait for a few so that glue becomes a bit tacky. It will make it easier to apply the false lashes.

14. Make Concealer Lighter By Mixing Some Moisturizer to It

Sometimes concealer seems very heavy or denser to apply. In such scenario, you can mix some moisturizer or sunscreen with it, to make it a little lighter.

15. Smoothen Up your Flaky Mascara

Sometimes, the mascara becomes flaky and dry. It might be due to various reasons. But, this flakiness can be corrected by adding a little saline water to the mascara.

16. Use the Right Face Powder For Apt Function

The face powders are majorly categorised into two types – loose powder and pressed powder.  Both these powders are available in matte ad dewy finish.

If you just want to do the touch-up, you can use the pressed powder, as it will give an instant lift to your look. If you want a glowing appearance, you can use the dewy finish powder, while if you are seeking the porcelain look with the textural details, you can choose the one with a matte finish.

On the other hand, if you simply want to set your makeup, you should use the loose powder. A colourless translucent loose powder sets up the makeup without impacting the look and tone set by your concealer and foundation.

17. Make Your Bronzer At Home

If you are allergic to the chemicals based makeup products, and often seek the organic ones, then, you can prepare your own bronzer at home using some kitchen ingredients.

Blend in some nutmeg, cocoa and cinnamon powder together, and mix with some cornstarch. It is your natural bronzer which can easily use on your skin without worrying about the side effects of chemicals.

18. Conceal Dark Circles By Drawing Triangles

Most of us apply a concealer by applying dots on the spots where we need them the most, but, this technique does not give an even coverage. The best way to apply it is, to do it in a triangular way.

Draw the base of the triangle directly under the eyes’ lashline, and point towards the cheek till you reach your nose. This shape helps in concealing any redness at the sides any redness at the bottom of the eye. It instantly creates an illusion that your face is lifted and hides all the dark circles effectively.

19. Blow Your Face With A Clean Toilet Paper

It may sound gross, but, if you are using a clean toilet paper, it’s an excellent makeup hack. If you are going to the toilet to freshen up, use some clean toilet paper to soak the excess oil from the skin.

Just pat the paper against the skin, and it will leave your skin fresh and oil free.

20. Get A Smoother Finish With Your Eyeliner Pencil

The pencil eyeliners often are hard to glide smoothly, and thus, don’t give the look that you can get with a gel-based eyeliner.

But, if you use a lighter, and heat up the tip of the eyeliner pencil a bit, you can get a gel eyeliner type finish.

But, if you know about the best beauty hacks, you can easily achieve the basic look without much of the skills or tools. Gradually, you can learn new techniques and enhance the look.

Undeniably, when it comes to makeup, many people struggle about where to begin from. The aforementioned easy makeup hacks can help you get started with makeup with immense ease. Also, follow some natural beauty tips to enhance your look and nourish your skin.

Do try these makeup tips and tricks and become an expert in self-makeup!!!

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